Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Over 50 Projects, Including:

  • Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) Upgrade

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Gastroenterology Office Area Remodel on the 2nd Floor of the Duque Building

  • Various Feasibility Studies

  • Healing Garden Electrical Plans Located in Front of Gateway and the Anderson Pavilion.

  • Tesla EVC Stations

  • IR Expansion – 3,000 sq. ft. Renovation of ED Trauma Rooms to Two IR Procedure Rooms

  • Pathology Office Alteration

  • Sterilizer 1 and 2 Replacements on Ground Floor of the Duque Building

  • Monitor Installation

Foothill Regional Medical Center, Tustin, CA

Various Projects, Including:

  • New Endoscopy Disinfector Equipment in Endoscopy Processing Room

  • General power updates

Glendale Memorial Hospital, Glendale, CA

Various Projects, Including:

  • CT Replacement

  • Nuclear Medicine Camera Replacement

  • Temporary Cooling Tower

Hoag Medical Office, Various Locations, CA

Foothill Ranch Medical Office:

  • 41,000 sq. ft. Medical Office Building Tenant Improvement, Including: MRI, CT, X-Ray, Mammo and Ultrasound Spaces, Pediatric, Specialty Care, Lab, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Education Spaces

Newport Beach, CA:

  • 2,700 sq. ft. Allergy Clinic Tenant Improvement

Orchard Hills, CA:

  • Urgent Care Clinic Tenant Improvement

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Various Projects, Including:

  • C.T. Scanner #2 Replacement

  • CATH Lab Replacement

  • DWP Temporary Power

  • Emergency Power Review

  • Nuclear Med Gamma Camera Replacement

  • X-Ray (RAD Room #1) Replacement

  • R/F Fluoroscopes Room #4 Replacement

Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, CA

Over 50 Projects, Including:

  • Clinical Observation Unit Relocation

  • Feasibility Evaluation for La Vina, 2nd Floor Clinical Observation Unit

  • Hahn Unit 35 Renovation to Med Surge and Telemetry Unit

  • High Dose Radiation Equipment Relocation to Cancer Center in Pavilion

Los Angeles Community Hospital, Los Angeles, CA

Various Projects, Including:

  • C.T. Scanner Replacement

  • Central Sterile Renovation

Mariposa Medical Center, El Segundo, CA

  • 22,000 sq. ft., 2 Suites, First Floor Radiology and Women’s Center Tenant Improvement/ Remodel, including:

  • Suite 1 – DexaScan, 2 Ultrasound Rooms, 3 Mammography Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Waiting/ Reception, Office and Workroom H.C. and Staff Toilets.

  • Suite 2 – Varian Linear Accelerator, 3T MRI, PET/ MR Exam, Discovery PET/ CT, Discovery CT, X-Ray Exam, Waiting/ Reception, Sub-Waiting, Dressing Rooms and H.C. and Staff Toilets.

Palmdale Medical Center, Palmdale, CA

  • CATH Labs Pre-Validation Electrical Assessment Report

  • CATH Lab Equipment Replacement

  • First Floor CT & MRI Validation Study

  • MRI Replacement in Room 18096

  • MRI/CT Trailer – Temporary Services

St. Mary Medical Center, Apple Valley, CA

Over 50 Projects, Including:

  • Central Supply (CS) and Sterile Processing Department (SPD)

  • Manager Office Conversion to Patient Room and Staff Toilet

  • OR #1 -6 Surgical Light Replacement

  • Three Pneumatic Tube Stations Installations

St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA

Over 50 Projects, Including:

  • Cafeteria Remodel

  • Main Building Basement, Telesitter Room

  • Mother Baby Renovation Including Teaching Room and Stork Gift Shop

  • NICU 4th Floor North Wing Renovation

  • Toilets Remodel

UCI Medical Center, Orange, CA

Over 100 Projects, Including:

  • Elevator Repairs

  • Med-Surge Conversions

  • Fire Alarm Upgrades

UCLA Medical Center, North Hollywood, CA

Lankershim Outpatient Surgery Center:

  • 1st Floor, 5,500 sq. ft. Outpatient Surgery Center Tenant Improvement

  • 2nd Floor, 11,444 sq. ft. GI Outpatient Surgery Center Tenant Improvement

Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, CA

Various Projects, Including:

  • CATH LAB Flex Vision Upgrade