Company Resources

  • 30+ Years of Operation

  • Multiple Professional Engineers Registered in Various States

  • LEED A.P.s on Staff

  • RCDD

  • NICET Level IV

  • 10+ years of engineering experience from our average employee

Our Story

In the summer of 1985 Dennis McVay started a series of lectures to pass on his knowledge of engineering lighting systems. He believed, and confirmed by the class’ success, that lighting engineering was not well understood at the time. In 1986, Jeffery Overmyer joined the class to expand his work from industrial design in to commercial building design. He and Dennis quickly grew their friendship and soon decided to go into business together with and at the suggestion of Forrest Bennett. Since its inception in 1987, OMB has become one of the largest and most reliable engineering firms in Southern California and Arizona. We have grown to 50+ employees strong and have opened 2 additional offices.

In May 2019, OMB became part of Salas O’Brien. Learn more about this partnership and what it means for our growth.

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