Code- and Peer-Review Utility Coordination

  • Application of Design Criteria

  • Conformance with Applicable Federal, State, and Local Building Codes

  • Conformance with Agency Regulations

  • Professional Certification of Contract Documents

  • Utility Coordination

Construction Support

  • Agency Plan Check Submittal / Permits

  • Contractor Pre-Qualification

  • Construction Document Interpretation

  • Bid Review and Advisement

  • Contract Administration

  • Contractor [Shop Drawing] Submittal Review

  • Preparation of Change Orders

  • Expert Inspection

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

  • Design Criteria Development and Application

  • Facility Development and Economic Analyses

  • Utilities Infrastructure Studies

  • Due Diligence Reports

  • Sustainable/Green Facility Integration

Inspection and Technical Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Energy-Efficiency Retrofit Audits, Analysis and Design

  • Computerized Point-by-Point Lighting Studies

  • Protective Relay and Device Coordination Studies

  • On-Site Electrical Measurement and Recording of Power

  • Simulation/Mock-Up of Facility Lighting Options

  • Inspection and Preparation of As-Builts

  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

  • Operating & Maintenance Programs; Field Testing

  • Field Inspection and Testing

Design and Advisement Electrical Systems

  • Utilities Infrastructure

  • Power Service and Distribution

  • Interior Lighting

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Voice and Data Communication

  • Fire Alarm

  • Electronic Security

  • Sound

  • Energy Management and Controls

  • Instrumentation and Control